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Yes, we launched … no longer will I be asked “when are you going to launch”?

Over the years, we went through a lot of web designers who took our money and never got the job done. It was an endless pit. So many others have told me that they have had the same problem.

Then one day I met Rick.

For five years I’ve seen this guy, with a long pony tail down to his waist, walking around the Sea Ranch Center, where Very Boutiquey® is.

Finally one day I said “Hey, I see you every day, what’s your name?” We started talking and low and behold he has impressive credentials as a web designer and graphic artist. He’s Hired!!!

A month later my online store is launched and it was not an easy job, it has a lot of custom features.

What I love about Rick is that he communicates with me. I sit next to him and he works with me, listening to what I want and never complains about a revision. A perfectionist, he goes above and beyond.

It’s because of Rick that our online store is up and you are looking at it right now. If I hadn’t met Rick, you would still be asking me “when are you going to launch”?

But wait, there’s more!! Next Very Boutiquey® is launching.

If you need an experienced professional web designer who knows ecommerce, I highly recommend Rick Yontz. You can reach him at

Thank You, Rick !!!

Susan & Mike

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Customers always ask me “Is your jewelry made with Swarovski® Crystal”? Well, believe it or not, that has become a complex question. I’ll explain:

Swarovski® is restructuring how they do business and who they sell to.
As of October 1, 2021, the Swarovski® name can only be used on finished jewelry that is manufactured only by Swarovski®.

We’ve been informed that companies who manufacture finished jewelry, like us, can enter into a brand control agreement with Swarovski® and, if approved, can still purchase Swarovski® crystal components, but cannot use the name Swarovski®, Austria or Austrian Crystal on any of their products, even though they are made with Swarovski® crystal in Austria.

We have been instructed that as of October 1, 2021, to remove the Swarovski® name, Austria and Austrian crystal, from all marketing channels, including print, social media pages, online store, everything.

So, here’s some background on various brands of crystals:

We have been designing and manufacturing jewelry in the USA since 2005. To the best of our knowledge, the United States does not manufacture crystal rhinestones and beads, so the only choice we had was to buy them from USA Distributors who import crystals made in Korea, China, Egypt, The Czech Republic (Bohemia) and Austria.

Crystal Rhinestones from Korea and China are pressed or machine cut and companies just put any brand name they choose on their packaging. We do not use these brands.

Egypt is Asfor Crystal which is mainly used on chandeliers, but they are expanding their product lines. We do not use Asfor because their crystal, although beautiful, contains lead.

Czech Republic (Bohemia) is called “Preciosa®” where crystal was first developed, hand cut and manufactured. Famous for its crystal glass masters, Preciosa® is among the finest in quality crystal rhinestones and beads in the world.

Austrian or Swarovski Crystal: Daniel Swarovski® was from North Bohemia (Czech Republic) where he learned the trade and worked in the family business with his father who owned a small workshop. He went on to build a crystal cutting factory in Wattens, Tyrol, Austria.

This is what we decided to do:

Our rhinestone chains were purchased and manufactured before Swarovski®’s restructuring announcement and deadline of October 1, 2021.

So, what brand of crystals is Show Off Straps made of?

“The crystal rhinestones that we can no longer say their name.”

As instructed, we took the name Swarovski® off of all our videos, labels, hang tags, online store, etc. It was very expensive to remove the Swarovski® name from all of this. Extremely expensive.

After Swarovski®’s announcement, we decided to change to Preciosa® crystals. Why would anyone spend more money for Swarovski® crystals, with no benefit of using their name, when Preciosa® crystal is just as brilliant, is among the finest crystal in the world and we can say their brand name “Made with Preciosa® Crystal”?

Preciosa® crystals are well known in Europe but not advertised as much in the USA, like Swarovski® is. But Preciosa® has been sold in the USA for decades and are just as beautiful as Swarovski’s® crystals. They both manufacture similar products such as faceted beads, rhinestones, figurines, chandelier prisms, and so much more. They are competitors.

So, we were forced to make a decision:

We switched to Preciosa®. While our rhinestone chains are made with the name we can no longer say, after the announcement we started making our chains with Preciosa® Crystal Rhinestones.

It’s hard to tell the difference between the two brands without a loop, magnifying glass and trained eye. The only difference I can tell between the two is the way their facets are cut and I need a magnifying glass to see that.

As soon as all of the rhinestone chains are sold, that are by the name we can no longer affiliate with our products, Show Off Straps®
will be completely made with Preciosa® Crystal Rhinestones. At that time, our labels will say “Made with Preciosa® Crystals”, but we have to use up all of the other rhinestone chains first because we don’t want label the name we can no longer use with the Preciosa® name.

So for now, our labels will say something like “Made with Beautiful Crystals” or “Made with First Quality Crystals” or “Made with the World’s Finest Crystals” or maybe we won’t say anything at all except that it sparkles.

So now you know. You deserved an explanation. You, as the consumer, deserve to know the brand of crystal you are buying.

Preciosa® is very consumer friendly. You can check out Preciosa®’s website at www.Preciosa®.com.

We have always loved Preciosa® Crystal and are sure you will too!!!


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I’m constantly asked, when are you launching your jewelry invention? Well, there were a lot of obstacles. First, we had to get this manufactured and we wanted to manufacture our invention in the USA. Difficult is an understatement. I’ve been told many times that we will never make it if we manufacture in the USA. So, how did we do it? Through persistence and strong will, I met Michael Catuto who worked in the jewelry industry and became a consultant. He worked with the big names such as Liz Claiborn, Trifari, and more. Michael opened a door for us, a great big double door.

With Michael on our team, we are now ready to bring our jewelry invention to market … to you!!

But now there’s been another turn of events, I drove Michael to retirement!! He is retiring from the jewelry industry to volunteer for various nonprofit organizations. He got our invention manufactured and now it’s his turn to do all the things he’s always wanted to do.

We will miss working with Michael and will always be appreciative for all he’s done for us. We consider Michael and Christine to be forever our friends.

Michael designed the special limited edition Poinsettia Crystal Link™ for Christmas. He is a talented jewelry designer.

Thank You, Michael !!

Susan & Mike

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To be an entrepreneur you have to love the challenge. You have to love building a brand from nothing. It takes over your life and you never stop working.

One of the hardest part of building a brand is finding your sources. But every once in a while you meet someone who opens a door.

Matt Dunn opened that door for me. Matt is a well known fashion and sports photographer with an impressive resume. I told him I needed still photography and video. So, he said I’m going to bring you to my mentor and scheduled a photo and video shoot at Patterson Studios in Winterhaven, Florida. I found myself at a real movie studio with one the industry’s leading photographer, Matt Dunn, and producer/director John Patterson and, his son, Shawn Patterson working with professional models !!

I told John and Shawn what I wanted and how I wanted it done. I wanted the models to walk down the runway straight into the camera from the dark until they came into focus and the jewelry sparkled, then turn around and walk back into the

dark until they disappeared. We must have stayed up till 2:00 am with our models, Jade and Sarah, at Patterson Studios.

First, stylist Jennifer Beverly, did hair and makup. Matt shot still images of Jade and

Sarah on the first set, then off to the next set for video by John and Shawn.

All of the beautiful videos on this site, and in the video gallery, were taken by John and Shawn at Patterson Studios. All of the still images are also in the photo gallery and were taken by Matt Dunn.

I’d like to thank Matt, John and Shawn, for all the work they have done to help make Show Off Straps a success. It was a lot of work. They went above and beyond for me. Not too many people would help us, but they did and I will always love them with all my heart.

Always & Forever Friends !!

Susan & Mike